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Comprehensive Rural

Health Project


The Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed (CRHP), has been working among the rural poor and marginalized for the past 45 years. Founded in 1970 by Drs. Raj and Mabelle Arole to bring healthcare to the poorest of the poor, CRHP has become an organization that empowers people and communities to eliminate injustices through integrated efforts in health and development. CRHP works by mobilizing and building the capacity of communities to achieve access to comprehensive development and freedom from stigma, poverty, and disease. Pioneering a comprehensive approach to community-based primary healthcare (also known as the Jamkhed Model), CRHP has been a leader in public health and development in rural communities in India and around the world. At the core of this comprehensive community-based approach is its embrace of equity for all, utilizing healthcare as a means to break the cycle of poverty. The work of CRHP has been recognized by the WHO and UNICEF, and has been introduced to communities around the world.


As the communities needs have changed, so have our programs changed to meet those needs. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.


Individual Impact

All of our programs aim to empower individuals so that they can in turn make healthy and empowered decisions in their families and communities leading to generational changes. Behind each of our programs are individuals who now have the knowledge and services to improve their own lives.


Community Impact

80% of health problems can be prevented and controlled directly at the village level through Village Health Workers and trained community groups. CRHP’s hospital, designed to serve the particular health needs in this area in a culturally sensitive manner, fills the gap by providing care to the remaining 20% of health problems by addressing complicated medical issues.


National Impact

Annually, CRHP provides services that directly impact 500,000 people in the state of Maharashtra.

CRHP is in direct partnership with the Government of Maharashtra and the local Jamkhed government to help train ASHA workers, respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conduct family-planning camps. Additional domestic partners include Dasra, SERP, STAPI, the Public Health Foundation of India, SIT, and ayzh. 


Global Impact

Through international trainings and partnerships, the Jamkhed Model has been adapted and replicated throughout communities worldwide. Every year, we invite students to come and learn with us, perform internships, and conduct research. 

Our international partners help us spread our mission, improve our services, and increase our domestic impact. Current partners include the World Diabetes Foundation, GICAM, the Freedom From Poverty Foundation, Dartmouth College, the University of Melbourne, and Elon University. 



“Health is a fundamental human right. Eliminating injustices which deny all people access to this right underlies the very essence of our work and our approach. Using the combined talents and energy of our staff and the families we work with, we strive to develop communities through a grassroots movement. By mobilizing and building the capacity of communities all can achieve access to health care and freedom from poverty, hunger and violence.”



“We envision communities where families are healthy and enjoy fulfilling lives. The full human rights of every individual, especially women and children, are protected and uncompromised. We believe that all people are made in the image of God and endowed with talents and abilities. We are called to facilitate and empower the poor and marginalized and enable them to achieve their full potential through a value-based approach with equity and justice.”

Cumulative Impact

1970 to today

> 825,000

Patients Treated at CRHP

> 19,320

Artificial Limbs Provided 

> 45,000

Grassroots Healthcare Workers Trained

> 900

Water Projects Completed

> 5.5 Million

Trees Planted

> 300

Project Villages

> 2,000

International Students and Workers Trained

> 100 

Countries where the Jamkhed Model has been Replicated


Due to COVID-19, we have lost the opportunity to generate the earned income that usually covers more than 50% of our program expenses. We would greatly appreciate anything you can donate at this time so that we can continue our work. Currently, we are fundraising for our COVID-19 relief work through a GoFundMe campaign.

Unrestricted funds provide the most flexibility in meeting the needs of our communities in a timely manner. All donations from the United States made via PayPal are tax deductible. The GoFundMe donate link will take you to PayPal’s secure donation site.

Please email if you have any questions about donations.

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