CRHP Programs


Village Health Workers

VHWs are trained community health workers that provide direct physical and mental healthcare services as well as health and development education to their villages. They are unpaid members of their own community who work for their villages, not for CRHP

We currently have 44 VHWs working in 30 Project Villages.

Mobile Health Team

The Mobile Health Team helps train VHWs and work side by side with them to provide health services to project villages. MHT members help lead and provide support for the Adolescent Programs and community groups. In addition, the MHT members work with trainees and researchers from all over the world to collect village data and educate others about the Jamkhed Model.





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Julia Hospital

The Julia Hospital is a 50-bed, low-cost secondary care hospital available to everyone in the Jamkhed Block 24 hours a day for emergencies and 9am to 5pm for basic outpatient care. Services are provided to patients on a sliding payment scale: patients pay what they can afford, and for those who cannot afford anything, services are provided free of charge.


Adolescent Programs

Adolescent Girls and Boys programs are  flexible six-month programs for unmarried, adolescents aged approximately 12-18. A hands-on curriculum tailored to participants' needs and interests includes topics of mental and physical health, the environment, and social issues.

Community Groups

Community Groups include Farmers' Clubs, Women's Groups, and Women's Self-Help Groups. Often led by VHWs or other community leaders, these groups empower community members to improve their economic and social situations.


Agricultural Programs

To address the economic and nutritional situations of the local communities, CRHP's agricultural programs include demonstrations and training programs in animal husbandry, organic farming, drought-resistant farming, and aquaponics. 

Current Agricultural Programs include kitchen gardens, aquaponics, and rooftop garden demonstrations on our Jamkhed campus as well as demonstrations at our 100-acre organic farms.


CRHP's Jamkhed Institute for International Training hosts domestic and international students and professionals for training programs in community health and development, the Jamkhed Model, appropriate technology, and low-cost secondary healthcare among other topics.


Artificial Limbs &

Joyful Learning Preschool



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Science Center

The Science Center serves secondary school students in standards 5-12 from schools in Jamkhed and the surrounding rural area. Teaching workshop activities are geared to local educators.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands initiative was established in 2010 to provide employment and skills training to vulnerable women in the Jamkhed community who are often the primary earners in their family. It continues to serve as a fair-wage employment program for local women as well as a training opportunity and funding source for our Adolescent Girls Program. To purchase items from Helping Hands or for any questions, please contact:

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Hospital Outcomes 


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Joyful Learning Preschool

The Preschool provides a safe environment for adequate nutrition, social development, and creativity for approximately 70 children of Indiranagar slum every year. The head instructor tracks families’ health situations and provided basic medical advice to families. By sending their children to preschool, mothers can return to work sooner and siblings can stay in school longer.

Artificial Limbs

CRHP offers the Jaipur Foot to individuals in need regardless of gender, caste, class, age, or ability to pay. Artificial lower limbs can drastically improve the lives of rural men and women who, without the use of a lower limb, are often seen as incapacitated by their families and communities.